ottawa to vancouver

 » May 9th, 2012

I started working through my deep Instapaper backlog on the flight, and I figured I’d share, without a filter, what I read.

Here goes.

Eight Men In: Cheating Tarnishes Everyone In 2K Sports’ Million-Dollar Scandal

A President who is helpless in the face of Middle East reality

Sneaking Into Pantone HQ: How color forecasters really decide which hue will be the new black.

Alone, ‘Riodoce’ Covers the Mexican Drug Cartel Beat

A Giant Among Giants

Runner’s world: Usain Bolt and his entourage

The Stalking of Korean Hip Hop Superstar Daniel Lee

Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People On The Internet?

Near death, explained

Fanfare For The Comma Man

Odd Blood: Serodiscordancy, or, Life With an HIV-Positive Partner

The Case Against Google